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Staten Island Ferry

Waiting for the Staten Island ferry on Tuesday afternoon, I am overcast and scattered showers. How can I describe it? I left my home for home to see my brother who left home to come home but briefly. There are … Continue reading

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For You, From Here

I cannot do this now. The cat meows in tall grass, Tiny body hungry. Let me sleep on it. Bass moves the brick walls downtown. Meanwhile the pier is full of empty wine glasses, Greasy parchment paper in French fry … Continue reading

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The ocean being alone or not knowing what to say is the same thing alright let’s start over from the beginning. I was born in a room with no windows. The water surrounded the island. I fell in love with … Continue reading

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I’ve never been good at saying what I mean. This morning took a trip to Staten Island. The aquarium unnatural as a glass eye where sight should be, I wonder when the world will be made whole. How many hours … Continue reading

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Before Sleep

and when the rain remember Melville and when the bruise remember blood burst firework under touch skin the secret vessel keeper and when the children remember lovers younger than you were once imagining touch so ripe the fruit flesh fragrant … Continue reading

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The South Shore

Where I am from men cook seafood and take their boats across the river for the day woman scrub boats stop fires make contracts to keep singers and dancers on the stage children pull money out of corn husks and … Continue reading

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25 of 30. Remembering School

(1st Grade. Back Row, Dead Center) If I were to sit in a room with no books, and try to recount all the readings and lectures— the lint that stuck from the 9 schools I attended, and passages that have … Continue reading

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