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“Sam!” Shadrach shouted. “No time! Get us to Belajar fast!”
Kai looked around bewildered because he didn’t see anyone. Before he could ask Shadrach who he was talking to, a large green grasshopper landed on his shoulder and Kai suddenly felt light, very very light, and discovered his feet were no longer touching the ground.
His stomach gave a lurch, and out of the corner of his eye he saw the girls and Shadrach hanging in mid-air just as strangely. Before he had time to think, the trees became a blur and the only sound was the wind in his ears and his own yell as he was flown through the tree tops, dodging and weaving through branches and leaves. Most of the branches missed him, but the ones that didn’t whipped and lashed at Kai as he was carried along, if carried was the right word for it, a boy of his size being carried by… by a grasshopper? If he didn’t think he was about to be sick, he might have freaked out a bit more about the arrangement.”

So, I like giving magic to creatures that don’t ordinarily possess it. Plus, Sam and company turned out to be super fun to write, even though they don’t have a huge amount of “screen time” as it were. But I think there’s magic in everyday life, and so when I write, possums become powerful sorcerers, and grasshoppers are my fairies. Only, don’t tell Sam I said that, he’d be highly offended. He already had a run in with Kai over an Alice in Wonderland reference Kai made, and now he’s not sure we humans know how to properly tell bug-folk apart.

But that’s a story for another day…

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3 Responses to Launch Party for @AEHowardwrites (and free stuff too)!!!

  1. Ross Ramsey says:

    Hey there, very cool site!!

  2. This book sounds too cool! First off, I kind of wig-out at grasshoppers, but the idea of grasshoppers being magical is kind of cool!

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