Sun Sets in Vienna


I am as awake as you are.  

These things are gonna kill me.  


Behind the apartment where we have made our beds 

and unpacked our suitcases, 

there is a road that leads to a staircase.  

The stairs and bannisters are white 

with fountains, flowers, and herbs 

at each of the three landings.  


The stairs lead to the foot of the Lichtenstein Museum, 

and statues sit atop the fences.  


Do you ever itch to know? 

I didn’t, then did, then didn’t, 

and do again.  


Sometimes, when I am awake, 

and the window above my bed rattles, 

I wonder how it could have happened.  


This isn’t a riddle.  

There are benches on the landings too.  

Sometimes a man is talking on his phone in a language 

that sounds like water.  


It is possible to be in Vienna, 

on Boltzmangasse near Lichtenstein,

and standing at the edge of a meadow

in a country less romantic than Austria.  


I feel more like a woman 

when I think

in two places at once.


I put sugar cubes in my coffee.

Take hours drinking and looking

at the empty cup.


It rains, then stops,

it rains on everything here.  


I don’t know if you will ever 

wonder.  The sky turns pink 

before darkening.  


I am as awake as when the sun went down, 

the rain sounds like running water. 





About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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