What the Road Wakes #ontheroad #summertime

I haven’t forgotten, but I’d be lying if I said I remembered right away.
It was confusing. I remember that. And now, after thinking, I remember the police and wondering what you were so afraid of.
I always want to ask two questions.
It never seems like the right time.
The car ran out of gas.
No one drowned.
I showed up in Pennsylvania drunk and slept near the dock in an electric blue tube. I don’t remember anyone’s name.
Why this comes to me now, in Blanchester, Ohio, at 10:26 pm in the room with the sewing machine and the yellow quilt and the window, in the room where I’m meant to sleep,
I cannot say.
I have kept track, not of the days, but of the times I felt myself remembering.
There was an open door in a bar downtown that you never shadowed, and we almost drove through Chicago.
The bread is soft and white here.
I’ve been thinking about Wyoming.
I can’t get those goddamn horses
out of my mind. You should have seen them,
brown and white Appaloosa, chestnut thoroughbred and a grey Arabian that I swear was a ghost.
The road runs through me, even now, under pale pink sheets in a room in Ohio.
I almost hear sirens, feel the growl of your engine waiting to downshift.
A storm turned the sky black at 5 pm today. The hot air lifted and we pulled in the white lawn chairs that had blown in front of the garage.
The storm did not rack the tiny town like I wanted it too.
I am not cruel, but the road has been teasing me, lulling me.
It rained, and cleared, and the heat crept back.
Tomorrow we wake, and dress, and drive east again.



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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One Response to What the Road Wakes #ontheroad #summertime

  1. kolembo says:

    That’s really good stuff, so many turns of phrase, image against movement, it’s very engaging. If feel sort of stuck between spaces…between the sky and the ground in a thunderstorm.

    You write, and write and write, I’m so envious – so disciplined! It shows, your writing it really broad.

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