Los Angeles

LA lives in a bachelor pad, clusters of civilization sprawled like laundry in a sparsely furnished apartment. Buildings and highways next to desert so barren there are no roads through it. LA has a state of the art kitchen but no food at his place. He’s got a great body and a shit attitude. He takes kale orange spirulina supplements and drives a small car fast.  His bathroom has navy blue walls and black marble floors.  His cleaning lady comes once a week, on Fridays, early. Her name is Rosa and she puts succulents in all his windows.  He loves the shrubs the tumbleweeds and dust, he keeps his car clean and shows up exactly on time for three different things at once.  LA is all high ceilings and rooms with a view.  Teeth so white they make you wonder, blue green pools in backyards tucked into rocky brown mountains. LA has brown skin, hard body, drinks good wine. LA always has a smile, is laid back sort of but means business. Cologne smells too clean, too fresh, too next best thing.  LA has seen it all. Knows what it takes. Loves to ride his bike in bike shorts for long rides. Drinks smoothies. Goes on great dates with beautiful women and invites them into his spotless apartment with track lighting and hidden air vents.  LA stays cool. Stays cool next to desert, clustered lights next to desert. LA stays a bachelor.

About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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