The ocean
being alone or not knowing what to say is the same thing
let’s start over from the beginning.
I was born in a room with no windows.
The water surrounded the island.
I fell in love with the sound
of waves
I worry I’ve made you afraid
and that the whole world knows something I don’t.
Do you understand what I mean
when I say it’s okay
being alone?
The moon
just lets me be a woman
when the rest of the city is
so much concrete
and story.
Everything is dying
staying the same
or maybe that’s not it at all.
I grew up in a cabin in the woods.
Everything in me stretches
More than where I’ve come from
or less
I cannot tell.
My body bends toward sunlight.
I am my own geography.
Who will keep the river
from swallowing up
the island?
I hope you do not apologize.
It was never in me to tell
the future.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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