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Shrine, after Rachel Mckibbens.

1. Shrine, derived from the Latin scrinium, meaning “case or chest for books or papers” a holy place dedicated to a specific deity or figure of awe and respect for the purpose of worship. God, the unmoved mover, creator of … Continue reading

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Saturday Catch Up.

I keep reading you. It does not make the disappointment enough to swallow. This morning the neighbors bought more flowers, shrubs, herbs for the backyard. I cannot make myself keep up. The white dress laid across the arm chair, flowered … Continue reading

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Day Sleep

I dreamt we were in a graveyard, you looked exactly the same. There were bicycles tied up near the dogs, and friends of ours were getting married soon. It might have been Valatie, or Poughkeepsie, but the 6 train overhead … Continue reading

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