7 of 30. Resurrection, We (after Bukowski)


We were born into this,
children of the curse,
every muscle sore from digging.
We know lifting, know sweat
and survive.  
We know lonely after making love,
bitterness after celebration, 
the ache of hunger that food 
does not fill.
The dark of death,
rank smell of decay,
shadows every beauty.
We are plagued by lonely, 
hunted by a hungry lion 
who knows the scent of our weakness.
We are helpless.  
But this cracked mosaic of birth and rape,
feast and famine, 
this vandalized shadow of creation,
was meant for justice.
We were made in the image of God.
Meant to live forever
in a garden that grows
at His voice. 
Born into hope,
with broken glass beneath our feet,
we wait for death to be beat.  
We, the young and the old, 
the rich and the poor, 
sinner and saint, 
are chased hard after 
by a God 
who did not forget us.  
He loved our freedom
more than perfection.
He followed death to the depths 
of our hell.  
Perfect love was born in blood and sweat.
He came and died with our names on His lips.
For three days we waited, 
and when hope flickered out, 
We went back to digging.  
But in the skin of a man,
with bones that could splinter,
God breathed light into 
the mouth of death.  
We were born to live forever.  
His face shines bright 
as the sun. He looked the lion 
in the eye and roared.  
Peace did not come without war,
victory was not His before death.  
We were born into life
when His chest rose with breath.
He came back with the heart of 
death in one still scarred hand,
keys to life without end 
in the other.   
We were born into this, 
children chased by a God
who loved us enough to 
die human.  
We were born into this, 
No longer children of the curse,
Our resurrection.

About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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5 Responses to 7 of 30. Resurrection, We (after Bukowski)

  1. kolembo says:


    A poem un-ashamed of God and dense and beautiful and dripping with life.


  2. zandaltwist says:

    I think Bukowski would be challenged by what you wrote here. Such powerful and striking emotions portrayed with exquisite words. I agree with Kolembo… very dense and chewy. It’s poetry like this that makes me either want to work much harder at the craft, or give up entirely. =) I am going to read this again…

  3. nc says:

    Hi, Amy. Just came across your work tonight–must say, it’s the one thing that’s made me slow down today. Thanks for writing. Look forward to discovering more.

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