3 of 30. Echo

It isn’t that I wasn’t listening,
it’s that I don’t know what to say.

The water falls from the sky,
but no one can see it.

Teach me or I won’t believe you.

Everyone’s father is a pastor.
Everyone has to create boundaries.

We will die if we do not learn how to
care for one another, aloneness should
be beautiful.

How high are our hopes?
They should extend beyond anything
man can make.

We are not island,
or skyscraper, we are not
or lichen.

Even if it means I’m living without shoes,
or socks, or the man who says the city’s
got her teeth in his ocean.

I do not make noise when I leave.

The buoy keeps trying to sink.
Take me back there.
Untuck my shirt, give me mud pies.

Keep my history away from the dogs.
Mouth stuffed with poems to keep
the drool in, my growl sometimes
sounds like a whimper.

Whisper promises over prayer beads
while I remember.

The hard about learning someone else
is how much you get in the way.
It’s very backwards to learn by unspeaking,
it’s very healthy to stay still when things
are changing.

I’m trying to only say exactly what the
bones feel. Sometimes the words come out
more of a sound than a shape.

In trying to piece all of this together,
remember the first time you loved a friend
more than you loved getting your way.

When dealing with the rich,
remember they are lonely.
When dealing with the poor,
remember they are lonely.

When dealing with the beautiful,
remember they are lonely,
when dealing with the lonely,
remember they are not so far from God.

Remember God is closest to the broken hearted.

Everyone will take what something
in their giving, don’t let it be
more than you can part with.
Hold all things lightly.

We are parts of sleep and God,
wake and hope, I am listening
with the skin and give of practice.

Everyone’s judgement is lacking.
Everyone wishes for something.

In isn’t that I didn’t hear you,
it’s that I’m learning to stay silent
in unknowing.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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