2 of 30. Dream Speak

What would happen if we stopped trying to make sense
and started trying to make?
Creation is war against static.
My body is a temple
My God watches Adam and Eve mourn in a spray painted garden on Bowery
with only His third eye weeping.
I didn’t know He needed eyes to see.
I wait for the children to laugh
before crossing Avenue D.
There is no punch line,
but timing is everything.
I’ve heard it said
if you do the same thing over and over
it will get easier.
No two snow flakes are alike.
The bottoms of my feet are hot,
my hula hoop leans against the bed frame.
I carry my french army bag with me
to the laundromat,
and call brother to say hi on the walk.
There is one grapefruit left in the fruit bowl,
next to bananas and clementines that orbit around
each other each morning. The banana is the moon.
My grapefruit is Jupiter. My socks are stars,
my fingernails are atmospheric sparkle.
Creation is starting from nothing every time,
it never gets easier.
My insides ache the ocean,
I can hear a poet moan from across the Hudson.
I pray there is a moon opening his love
like a flower on an island made of stars.
We are galaxy.
I am moon rock.
Dreams are food for the hungry,
love letters floating above a war.
My skin is love song,
my veins are home bound.
We are all of us broken,
scrawled across some bed of truck
or body of lover like a name tag.
Like we belong there.
I belong here. Next to school desk
and spilled dresses, crumpled poems
and half jars of water leaving rings
on nightstand.
Tonight I am nightstand
pillow and mirror,
tonight I am bookshelf
and the clothesline
is my lyre.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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3 Responses to 2 of 30. Dream Speak

  1. zandaltwist says:

    Over the last several posts I have watched you express internal conflict between the now and the future to come. Creation is war against static. Wow. That is so true. Recently you commented that you’ve again cut your hair (metaphorical or literal, doesn’t matter). Growth always goes in cycles. Our insides and outsides don’t grow at the same rate. Eventually, we have to “convince” ourselves with God’s help that we can take things to a new level… to somewhere new. To constantly have something to shoot for, to work on is the mark of a healthy individual. Sometimes that comes in the form of redoing a room in the house because a child is on the way… other times it’s bicycling every day to lose 10 lbs. For writers, it’s often needing a new perspective, a new impetus, a new inspiration… all of those come from He that inspired creation in the first place. Thank you for sharing a small insight into your process. I pray that you are able to step back and look outside the process for the point of view. =)

  2. Zachary C says:

    Creation is starting from nothing every time,
    it never gets easier.

    Gripping line.

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