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Today My Heart Is

I like how the words and my heart is the teal waterproof coat draped over the armchair, the heating pipe behind the couch that scorches necks and stretching arms, the aloe plant black with rot sitting on top of the … Continue reading

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I’ve never been good at saying what I mean. This morning took a trip to Staten Island. The aquarium unnatural as a glass eye where sight should be, I wonder when the world will be made whole. How many hours … Continue reading

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How Do We Get Back to God?

When will we beat the small prejudices that cage us? How do we get back to God? There is little life in knowing nothing but cars and magazines, work, food and sleep, which parties to fill up the weekend. The … Continue reading

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A Psalm of Insomnia

I could not lay awake in bed another hour, so I sought the Lord whom I love, and in my insomnia He met me. I unrolled my yoga mat on the creaky wood floor of our living room and did … Continue reading

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Dear Anonymous,

I like that mask you wear. And how your hands can’t help but move as you give out warnings. You are watching too. Like google. Like the iPhone. Even the one in the basement. You say, “expect us,” and I … Continue reading

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