Global Warming in New York

My shoes are too tall.
What does this action signify?
What does it mean?

It’s a human thing.
The difficult part of being human
is sitting by the river

having an existential crisis
while drinking chai
out of an ironically
practical mason jar wrapped in a
blue kitchen towel.

Can you turn any sound into music?
What if we are parts of a game board?
Whose heart is called anger?

Stop rereading between the lines.
Maybe I was wrong.
The bridge stretches over the river.
The Domino factory splurts sugar.

What makes the medicine go down?
Who connects the synapses?
Another clear candy broken
by teeth and the party sparkles

stars. The night is filled
with Xx’s the Bronx is filled
with brownstones and smoke breaks
and a low hanging light.

My shoes take me to the 6 train,
skipping cracks in sidewalk.
The morning, then the daytime,
then the makeup, then the moon.

I’m walking home on Houston.
What does it mean when the
music makes me move?

Heartbreak on 2nd,
the movie moves on brick.
One defective machine
is not enough.
You need them all to be bad.

It is 8 am tomorrow.
Is it because they are cold?
It is because they can’t hurt you.
Everything is fine.

Don’t get too worked up about it.
I saw it on the news.
Let the past be past.
everything will be just fine.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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