it rains like it is
and the sky is this colour
between brown and grey
all light dull yellow
skin almost see through

the bottom falls out of the tea cart
spilling monopoly

kate is in california
learning about what
I wonder
tucking myself in
remembering that I forgot
to get a curtain rod again

stomach collapses
when I lay on my back
or think too hard about
what might happen later this year

all roads lead to Africa
every mother wonders

heaven is sometimes more of a scent
than a place

brick walls never ask to be covered
the houses that Jack built
the stories meant to keep a kid in bed

I will kick the sheets off
wake up again when the sky
is less brown more grey
when the tarp on my bike
is heavy with rain

and the window
still doesn’t have curtains


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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