Best Gift Idea Ever

I met Yeun at Holy Apostle’s Soup Kitchen in Chelsea. We get to talking.
He came here to see this girl… The trip doesn’t work out at planned,
but Yeun is a romantic at heart. He still had a month in New York City before
he heading back to the U.K. and he made the most of it. He gave M her space
and did things he’s always dreamed of doing. He volunteered, took cooking classes,
trips upstate, ran from the George Washington Bridge to Battery Park and even managed
to go horseback riding in the Bronx. As his trip came to a close, he wanted to send M
one last token of affection. I am obviously enthralled by this story and am dying to see
what he sends her. We meet up for coffee before he leaves, and Yeun tells me that he bought and used it for part of the gift…

Step 1. Buy Orange Juice and Rooftops

Step 2. Make a photo album

Step 3. Take polaroids and business cards from your trip

Step 4. Cut up Orange Juice and Rooftops and fill the album with poems and pictures.

Step 5. Write a note and send it off.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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3 Responses to Best Gift Idea Ever

  1. Zachary says:

    So cool!

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