tongue roar

eh kuranei shuah
and the street underneath stays steady
mada kur nei
pull the cord
eshu eshua shuah
make sounds with tongue roll over teeth
moon big glow glass of milk
get back to Ngonda
dei wullo
are you listening?
winter rain
no gloves
bicycle tire bare
with the cars with the cars with the cars
wear black
shundai la la la korra taste consonants and mix them with rrrrr’s
your mouth is candy
fingernail paint
beer bottle opener
shot glass slid sideways
eliel and the sound makes name
shoe slap concrete black
who wears their naked best?
repeat the sounds outside of time if you can
but humbly
don’t get honey caught in your teeth when the lion comes
bar stool spins elbows out
dubshano shulla
hike shoulders up
jacket crinkle
teal or cerulean teal or cerulean
turquoise tortoises
surround yourself with sounds
agasha nura numna
let the city worship through you


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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3 Responses to tongue roar

  1. Andy Orayfig says:

    i like this one! Im wondering if it has anything to do with speaking in tongues…what does the poem mean??

    • read it again. yes tongues does have something to do with it, and also, it means more than one thing and it may mean something different to you.

    • zandaltwist says:

      Poetry is often more in the eyes of the reader. =) I love the juxtaposition of phrases and onomatopoeia. It reminds me a little of the process that I used to walk through when I’d have too much alcohol… =)

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