Satin Sheets

While waiting for my nails to dry,
(not fixing the towel starting to unwrap
from my hair, opening the bathroom door
using only my palm and the lower halves
of my fingers)
I think of Sabbath.

The rest of my roommates still asleep,
my own body fully awake, stomach growling
for protein, I want to learn to live
with less aggression.

Or do the broken spokes on my back tire
speak of something different?
Am I gentle?

My mother is watching kids in the nursery now,
my father is teaching Sunday school.
Lyndsay is drinking her Dunkin Donuts latte.
I am waiting for my nails to dry.

Barely pink, still sticky I can tell,
Loreal says I am wearing the colour of
Satin Sheets. It will be awhile
before I can make my own bed.

God has been teaching me patience
without painkillers.
A bowl of Christmas gummy bears,
pretzel m&m’s and marshmallow santas
shine in the light filtering through
the overhead window.

I have nowhere to be but here.

Refrigerator hum,
nails still wet,
I could be staring at the sun
on the river.
The neighbors move around upstairs.

I wonder what they’re doing
as the towel lets go
of my hair.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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