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Before confession (which will happen in a curtainless bedroom the last weekend in January) I paint my nails the color of skin and pretend my stomach isn’t full before bed. The dishwasher groans in our ground floor apartment. The timing, … Continue reading

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Global Warming in New York

My shoes are too tall. What does this action signify? What does it mean? It’s a human thing. Father. The difficult part of being human is sitting by the river having an existential crisis while drinking chai out of an … Continue reading

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it rains like it is and the sky is this colour between brown and grey all light dull yellow skin almost see through the bottom falls out of the tea cart spilling monopoly twister chess kate is in california learning … Continue reading

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Birthday Tea

Yesterday I was given my first china tea cup at Emma’s eighth birthday party. I wore my pinkest tights and bluest sweater with black rain boots for the slush, and sipped Birthday tea with Rebecca while one by one the … Continue reading

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Before Sleep

and when the rain remember Melville and when the bruise remember blood burst firework under touch skin the secret vessel keeper and when the children remember lovers younger than you were once imagining touch so ripe the fruit flesh fragrant … Continue reading

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Ode to Things

Ball jars, growlers, cake plates,  wooden spoons, taper candle stuck in wine bottles,  crystal pitcher full of bottle caps,  bamboo plants and rain boots by the door.     Magnet words stuck on the fridge,  picasso’s blue lady in chipped … Continue reading

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Best Gift Idea Ever

I met Yeun at Holy Apostle’s Soup Kitchen in Chelsea. We get to talking. He came here to see this girl… The trip doesn’t work out at planned, but Yeun is a romantic at heart. He still had a month … Continue reading

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How I will Explain a Snowstorm to My Children

Then God said, Let there be a pillow fight that lasts all winter. But you angels are tough, and love to rough house, so let each angel put his pillow in heaven’s freezer until the appointed hour. And during the … Continue reading

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She sings God to sleep. Pins up ceilings of cathedrals with songs written on her insides. She holds them up with holy notes and raspy hallelujahs. She forms weapons with her tongue, defends the innocent from death. Each note an … Continue reading

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tongue roar

eh kuranei shuah and the street underneath stays steady mada kur nei pull the cord eshu eshua shuah make sounds with tongue roll over teeth white moon big glow glass of milk get back to Ngonda dei wullo are you … Continue reading

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