I’m waiting fo…

I’m waiting for something,

bumping into strange reminders 

and writing for Happy Meals.  


They are going out to eat,

then we are doing something else. 

She bites into her burger and slides

her finger across the screen of her Droid. 

Formal attire? 

What’s that mean?  


McDonald’s on Wednesday 

is all crinkling paper bags,

squish of teeth through fry.  


Listen to what I say.  

You know way too much about food.  

Where are we going again?  

A sesame seed from the bun

sticks to her shining lip.

11th and what?  


They are wearing black stretch pants,

leather coats and dark eyeliner.  

I was fourteen once.  

Used Calgon spray 

and Bonne Belle.  


I don’t know how to forget 

where I’ve been. Where they’re going.  

Reminders are everywhere.  


In the coffee wet napkin

next to me, and the headline. 

In the metal crutch leaning

against maple leaf wallpaper.  


Close your mouth when you chew,

that’s disgusting.  

I’m getting out of here.  


I sit while they leave 

watch the glass door swing open.


A few strands of straightened hair

lift off the shoulders.  





About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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