Turning into Thanks

Tell me there is a better way to spend
a day, than in prayer in the East Village,

than in walking to Grey Dog with Benjamin,
and watching Alec Baldwin go inside.

Is there a better way to spend breakfast
than with Charlotte?

A better place to be a waitress
than in New York City?

A better window to look out of than
over the farmer’s market in Union Square?

The rain and mist, the orange and white striped
manhole covers steaming over Times Square
made walking crosstown more than bearable.

The mta worker who helped unjam my brake pads
made the bent tire two hour ride home
feel romantic.

Tell me who is better to have dinner with
than Miriam, Kirsten, and Tyler?

What is better to eat than Arugula and
red velvet?

We watched Breaking Bad until meth
manufacturing became reasonable.
We biked home on Rivington when
Wednesday turned into Thanksgiving.

Tell me what is better to come
home to than a bed?
Who’s smile is sweeter than

The lamp above my bed, the pink light
it casts on prayer beads and dried roses.
The painting makes me thankful.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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