Fiction Workshop with Mirsky

English is elastic.
political correctness
stretches the band

until it can’t hold
pens together.

witchcraft should be capitalized?
ask Chicago.

the coffee traveler spills.
brown paper towels
wrinkle and bubble
on the wet linoleum.

how strange language is.
does it belong to the man
with the long white beard
and ponytail?

or should Yiddish belong
to Polish horse thieves?

Prostitutes in Buenos Aires
were known by the Russian name
for cigarettes

another story from Mirsky.
A grim one, he says.

God if it’s God
god for any other.

I could use more details.
What I want to know is the
experience of this girl.

Let’s think about
if she will recall these details.
Will she play them back?

Look at the Musile story.
The towels are soaked through,
coffee still spreading.

Maybe the excitement and
repulsion begins to return.

I really like the story,
but I want more.

Where will it come from?
There are strands of hair
wrapped around dust

swelling in
the brown puddle.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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