Hungarian Pastry Shop

I took the corner table
(always will)

Apricot pastry (probably vegan)
Chai tea (soy milk)

Everything punctuated with
hands when I’m tired.

Fish came and listened
(I’m crazy when I’m tired)
And then I made her talk some too.

The woman on the wall
behind me was drawn charcoal
with swirled circles for hair.

(I refilled my hot water
(three times))
(and ate all the crumbs from my pastry)

The moon and one star were out
when we walked
down 110th street toward the B train.

I carried my bike down the stairs,
and paid even though no one was watching.

It’s 9:08 on a Tuesday.
We traveled from Harlem
to home.

The shower just turned on
in the bathroom,
the microwave beeps
when it’s touched.

I’m a little bit tired I’ll admit,
but the moon and one star are still out.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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2 Responses to Hungarian Pastry Shop

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    This is strong poetry: tight, meaning rather than saying, leaving enough room for the reader to rummage around and find the heavens inside the everyday of life. There is not a wasted word that I see. Tom Davis

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey Amy,
    I have never been to a Hungarian Coffee shop, but once I went to a Spanish bakery in the heart of Bushwick. There were no pretty paintings on the wall. There was only milk with a little bit of coffee in it. Anyway, I liked the poem, and I want to help you share it. Many bloggers want to increase their readership but don’t know how. Thankfully, I’ve built a tool help. It’s called BlogBros (women can be bros too), and it’s a networking site & directory for blogs.

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    Just visit

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


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