21 of 31. After Church Living Room Talk

We’re talking about serious things right now.
Cue Budweiser can cracked open

I am with you heart and soul.
Cue tea tipped to lips,
short sips.

It’s really exciting, it’s exactly
what we need.
Cue refrigerator door open.

I might not get to leave for Christmas.
Is that football?
Cue hands shuffling in Wheat Thins.

What do you think?
They look like clown shoes.
Cue shuffling shoes.

They’re called hormones.
I had a great evening, I really did.
Cue Apple cord snapping in to charge.

Can you guys click on my website tomorrow?
Does your RSS feed count?
Cue long slurp of tea from the couch.

I think that’s why people don’t click.
Do you know the ETA on hot water?
Cue iphone ringing.

You’re lazy.
Okay, it’s broken? Someone’s going to come.
Cue journal pages falling open.

You, Italian woman may not call anyone right now.
Can we read in my room and can I show you my outfits?
Cue sip of tea.

About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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