18 of 31. October 29, 2011

I read Rimbaud on the M14D
until the bus driver turned
my stomach.

The little boy behind me,
with a mop of blonde hair
told me he liked my hat,

and asked his dad for a 68
Camaro for his birthday.
His dad asked if he wanted
an RTTS or the regular one.

I made my way towards the exit
on Union Square West in the rain,
my broken umbrella funneling
rivers down my sleeve.

Work was slow.

The rain turned to snow.
Huge flakes of white snow.
I swear the flakes were big
as my fist, and mixed with rain.

Everyone wanted the Spicy Beef
broth noodles and green tea.

I left the floor at 3:30
to count tips and change back
into my dress and hat.

the poetry reading was cancelled.

All dressed up I went to Carter’s
second birthday, in the snow and slush
of midtown. The little ones

put on commercials in the living
room for us, the way we used
to put on plays for the grown-ups
who now watched

the magic they used to make.

Colleen and I shared a cab
back to the Lower East Side,
the weather was horrendous.
We costumed ourselves for

The Warriors (1979) party in Brooklyn.

We arrived at 8:30 to
painted faces, food,
and polaroids in the doorframe,
the people were kind.

Joshua put a blindfold on
us and had us fill a great
big canvas in the hall.

Daniel explained an Urbanathalon,
minimalism, and we moved to
the living room for games.

I lost at Jenga.

Colleen and I took the L train
to the M14D and sat
on my kitchen floor eating

leftover food from work.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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