16 of 31.

I keep getting emails from graduate programs
telling me that I should check out their psychoanalysis
and culture program or their anthropology program
and I’m wondering if they are psychoanalyzing me
and if that is why they think I would be good for the
job or if they’ve seen me waiting tables in union square
and know how good I am with people of all ethnicities.
I wonder if they think I am stereotyping when I bring
certain tables hot sauce before they ask and recommend
specific dished based on how people of the same ethnicity
have ordered for the past six years since I’ve been working
there. Maybe that’s the new study of people and culture,
figure out what they will order and who will want lemon
for their water and who doesn’t like ice and then
you will have cracked the code and know how to assimilate
the world into a handholding posture of pure love.

What have I typed into my gmails to get my address passed along
to Boston Graduate School?

“Students enrolled in the Psychoanalysis and Culture program investigate the individual unconscious, the socio-cultural environment in which it operates, and the interactions between the two with examinations of media, arts, interpersonal violence, terrorism, and cultural war.”

I’m just sitting on my couch looking at my books.
I want literature people.
I want poetry.
Every time I create a google doc about violence
or war on the subconscious
I get these messages and I’m starting to think
they watch me make dinner too. I get interpersonal
with turmeric and ginger
and make art out of my vegetables in a stir fry.

I’m yet to hear from the Culinary Institute, but
I won’t be surprised if that email comes after I
send out my thanksgiving plans via text.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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