7 of 31? Things I Think About Before Falling Asleep

I wanna get my motorcycle license.  I wonder when that can happen…

Someday I’ll get married.  There will be big windows and dancing.

What time do I have to be up tomorrow?

What did L’Engle mean when she said our divinity was in our mystery?  Did she say that at all?  Was she quoting someone else?

What mystery is in me?

I don’t know if God listens when I pray the same thing over and over.

I bet He likes when I shake things up a bit.

What does tomorrow look like?

Shit, I was supposed to send those emails out already.

Oh man, why am I still awake?

How did I get such a beautiful bed, and a backyard, and I forgot to put my clothes away again.

I hope Miriam doesn’t trip on the bag I left in the middle of the floor again.

Did I brush my teeth?

God is good.

Should I be up wandering around the city?

I used to want different things.

One day I’ll get married.  The old Mexican woman in Queens told me so, she told me to be patient.

I should try and wake up earlier tomorrow.

Why do I keep using the pillow that goes flat?  Someone should invent a pillow that feels like a hand under my head.

My hand is asleep again.


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2 Responses to 7 of 31? Things I Think About Before Falling Asleep

  1. Trish says:

    Amy dear, you will be married. Married to someone who is not like your father but someone who has strong values and loves the Lord, but lets you be you. That is what I pray. He will be handsome. He will have really nice hands and wear nice shoes. His socks will always match. Don’t know why I said that. The windows will be very big and there will be many of them. The air will be perfect and the sun will shine through. The windows will be clean and only have smudges from your nose pressed up against them with both sets of hand prints too! We will know they are yours from the crooked finger. God hears YOUR prayers, don’t stop praying for the same thing if it’s a good thing. Wait. My pillow goes flat too and I despise it. Everyday I say I will buy a perfect pillow, but then, I forget. My hand falls asleep and now, when it’s cold my fingers turn yellow because my head is heavy. I get you, do you get me? We are the same, only different. You are Dad, but you are me. I love that you are free in Christ. Never allow anyone to put a ball and chain on your ankles. Your ANKLES will survive. Maybe that is why they are so strong. I love you princess LEIGHA.


  2. I love this as well. It’s so familiar… it’s cozy.

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