East Village Women on a July Afternoon

I live where all of the women are beautiful.

You’ve seen them walking easy on tiger’s backs

recycling and settling in to read something or other

about travel and philosophy.

The women here are beautiful

wearing those shorts that come up high with

legs left over from high school

sitting in cafes with 8 tables

talking on their phones to boyfriends

who haven’t left the studio in days

waiting for that inspiration to leak through the ceiling

expecting the latte to be half-caf

and soy and iced

but with froth.

I live where it rains in July

where the rent gets raised over night

hot rain falls and the cars swerve right

toward us until we screech and laugh

and get there soaked

and get home itchy and wet.

I live where I can’t help but be we,

and the women are always a separate entity

heads held high

shoes thin soled.

I live where gardens grow on every block

and are barely contained by metal fences,

I live where rain makes the women

more beautiful.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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One Response to East Village Women on a July Afternoon

  1. Zachary Cochran says:

    This is striking.

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