27 of 30. Adeleigh

You are the last plum in the icebox.


Every kind of impossible


warrior of wonder,


determined to make us

all dream


You will reach the kitchen sink yourself

Or fall into the garbage trying.


You kiss away your family’s owies

and do gentle to baby Jolie.


Adeleigh, your face is a peach

on the counter

near the window at noon,


Your voice rounds out sounds

of gold coins in a coffer.

Your songs are lullabies;



You treasure chest you.


The Lord will prosper you.

You have given us gummy bears,

and wrap around hugs.


Your wonder will wake up this world.

Impossible little thief of rational

We all coo for you, we giggle and dance

for you.


Anything to make you smile;

the kingdom is yours little one.


We lay awake and pray and weep for the

hope that is in you child.


You are set apart,

big sister.


A pioneer fashioned by the architects

of this empire

your angels always see the face of God,


and we are humbled in your presence.


How like a cup of water you are,

how like a cold plum in summer.



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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