23 of 30. Awakening in June

I woke up as from a dream

body covered in dew

nothing but desert around me

And I heard the voice of Ginsberg

as one crying out in the wilderness

and the visions and the dreams

they roared around us like chariots of light

and we laughed at how the Holy Spirit

moved like He always promised

He would

and I saw the city unroll as if it were made

of dried fruit stuck to wax paper

and the buildings rose up

and music began playing

and Ginsberg and I

naked as we knew how to be

were dancing around this car

that had flown off some cliff and landed

right in the middle of our desert

right in the middle of our dewy bodies

dancing like the stars had shot fire

through our souls and we were just

just trying to get back to that moon

all of the blood in our bodies was foaming

pulling up pulling toward that moon and crashing

foaming until the dew was sweat and the sweat pulled out

like waves and we licked the salt

laughed at it and threw back our heads like

wild horses

all of this while the sun melted the city back down until

it was mercury the windows were liquid

the scalloped chrysler building laid flat

as fish scales

I thought I’ve never been

awake like this

we laughed and dance

until the car

was gone


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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