17 of 30. More Stuff I’ve Learned

Write in sentences.

Use normal punctuation

unless you have a good reason

for doing otherwise.

Probably you don’t.

Exceptions prove the rule.

Know the rules well enough

to be an exception.

{How much,

how many,

how often,

how good?}

Sometimes separate thoughts

will work their way into your pieces.

Don’t be afraid of breaking your pieces

into multiple pieces.

Trust that more will come.

Create generously.

The more you make,

the more there is to make.

Create something

that did not previously exist.

Learn from people who know what

they are doing.

Do not be afraid of spending time

on one piece.

Do not limit your creativity

to your studio,

or your notebook,

or your guitar,

or your camera,

or your curtains,

or your lunch.

Live generously.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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