6 of 30. On a Thursday

This morning I packed my breakfast.

Oatbran cereal and a banana.

I used the leftover soy milk

that they gave with the coffee carrier

for our poetry meeting.

Every Thursday at 7 we meet in the church office.

Three of us today, barely awake sharing our

prompts from the week before.

Lent comes from Lencten, which means Spring.

What have you got to read for us?

I’m in bed around 10 on Wednesdays.

Trying to will the one thing with restless discipline.

My bed at 10:04 pm is the loneliest place.

Does that make me a saint?

I wasn’t scheduled for work today,

which means I will be praying for a miracle

next week.  So I walked down to the

church of the transfiguration to spend an

hour in prayer.

I was the only one in the small chapel,

and I set up the kneeling pad and

fell asleep instantly.

I woke up twenty minutes later

and tried to pray sitting upright

in the pew.  I woke up

in the middle of a dream about swords

and gemstones, and decided to head to

a cafe instead.  The barista gave me a merengue

which I took as a sign of God’s pleasure, but I

couldn’t eat it because it was too sweet, and what was

I doing eating sweets during Lent anyway?

For lunch I went to the little halal restaurant next to

the mosque on 29th street. Prayer service was being held,

I could tell by the sneakers and shoes in the cubbies

outside the door.

One dark bearded man rushed by me on his

way inside and I felt like I knew how he felt.

I thought about him once more while eating

my eggplant and potatoes over rice.

Wondered if we two, well intentioned

but disheveled, would always be falling

asleep in church

or running late

to our afternoon prayer?



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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One Response to 6 of 30. On a Thursday

  1. Niall Dooley says:

    Like my old friend the turtle says,
    “you can laugh at a postman every
    morning, but he’ll never bring you a letter”
    I think amys work is like the words of the
    turtle that has turned into a human, as tall
    as the postman, she gets the attention of the
    postman so as he can’t step over the little turtle anymore
    but stands defiantly in his path, forcing by gaze alone for him to put
    letter in the open human hand(previously
    green turtle hoof) of amys words.

    if that makes any sense.

    well also. yeah i think will smith is a genius
    as well. amy leigh cutler and will smith
    are my favourite. if i could be trapped in
    a cage with no food or water on a 5 meter
    by 5 meter desert island complete with
    singular palm tree, i would be there with
    amy and will. it would be great we could play cards
    and tell jokes. and when we got bored, we could just
    sleep for a while.

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