5 of 30. in the morning it rains my mother calls

After Kimiko Hahn, who said “form changes content” in an interview with Laura Sheck.

We were sitting by the lake, or we were at a picnic table on the grass. It might have been July then.  You were speaking with your hands and I was receiving your words with my stomach.

The story is not a water bottle or an empty cup or a phone call.

I drink peppermint tea now, and I read, skipping the third word

in every other sentence.

Dreams of marriage and sex and children do not necessarily mean marriage or children or anything other than spring.

The cherry blossoms open

and snow the pedestrians

and snow the man lusting after himself

in the grass by the wall.

The man ruining every one’s view of

pure pink and white opening.

It is always Manhattan.  When I travel it is always how this is like or not like my city. When I travel I am alone just like when I do not travel I am alone.  We all wake up out of our mother alone and she calls to remind us that we used to love belonging to something.

it rained this morning at 5 when I woke.

The sky was

everything was wet and dark.

Eating oatmeal for fear of death,  I take my time peeling a banana.

Show me the way.



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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2 Responses to 5 of 30. in the morning it rains my mother calls

  1. Jacob Victorine says:

    I love the “It is always Manhattan” stanza. I feel like it could start its own stand alone poem. The rest seems a little fragmented right now. Intentional?

  2. The fragmented feel is intentional, and in fact, I might even break it up a bit more… as per the intro I am playing around with form, paragraph and line breaks. I’m also trying to write without pausing, letting my brain synapses hop around and find their own connecting details… make sense?

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