1 of 30. City Wide Worship

There were hundreds of us

clustered into Bayard Rustin high school


Chelsea was all kinds of heaven tonight.

The music was minimal.  A guitar,

a few mics,

and Alf on the keys.

But we sang and sang

until light stretched the walls.

On a Friday night?

After a week of 9 to 5’s,

and still getting over that cold

the nasty one that ruined

all the midweek plans.

The guitar strummed,

voices gathered around

the eye of a storm

and then calm.


The singer on stage

head back black hair

hitting shoulders.

Mouth a vortex of holy spirit

and Filipino lips,

this woman roared like a train

at midnight.

Our nine parishes,

one church made up of

wall street traders, times square dancers,

Brooklyn baristas, and Harlem families,

shoulder to shoulder for this.

We were a city lit up by love


Alf directed with his hands,

eyes closed,

all of our eyes closed

singing those sacred songs,

the ones we wrote to stay alive.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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4 Responses to 1 of 30. City Wide Worship

  1. victor says:

    the rhythm of the words beat in my head.. great writting A.

  2. Jacob Victorine says:

    I was wondering where your 30/30 was! Yay!

    Your poems are getting better and better. I love the simplicity in the story telling of this one. “But we sang and sang / until light stretched the walls.” Yes!

    I don’t think you need the lines “On a Friday night?” or “the ones we wrote to stay alive.” Also, let me know if you do/or don’t want critique on these.

  3. Love the critiques! Might not have time to edit this month, but I totally appreciate feedback!

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