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Coming Up!

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We Walked These Streets

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Backwards from a fever

I’ve been in bed. In the bath.  Drinking tea.  Trying to get well. I need to learn to manage my time better. Sick is the body’s way of saying slow down. I’ve been going and going and going. Crashing into … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Hope your day was lovely. That’s all.

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Writing Prompt… #5?

Think about a terrible day you had.  One that went down in the books for you as just a shit day.  Why was it so bad?  Think about the turning point when you knew the day was shot.  Was it … Continue reading

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a sober vegan storyteller…

I’ve always loved meat more than animals, and omnivores more than vegans.  Probably because I’ve been in the restaurant business for long enough to know that vegans are picky, pretentious, and wear stupid earth shoes, and omnivores come in all … Continue reading

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Writing prompt #4

Write a paragraph (of at least 5 sentences).  You are not allowed to use the same word twice.  You have 10 minutes.  Go! This is based on a prompt given by David King in a writing workshop at City College.

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