Writing Tips

Begin with I.

Talk about the ways he hurt you.

And how you feel about women in politics.

Tell all the stories of your childhood.

Write out your rape,

your miscarriage,

your failed marriage,

your best friend’s suicide.

Write about the abortion.

Coming out.

Running away.

Ring out more tears

with daddy stories, mommy stories,

sibling stories.

Write about the church, how it hurt you,

how your yoga teacher

wasn’t present enough with you,

how you get your period.

Write about your blood.

How it happens every month.

Or how it doesn’t.

Write about how hard it is to be a man.

Talk about your pain.

About your first time having sex.

About all the people you have been intimate with.

Talk about your insides.

Get it out.

Spare no details.

Tell what you’re afriad of.

How your worst fear came true.

Write about what you ate for breakfast yesterday.

How you take your coffee.

Write until your fingers bleed,

then write about

how your fingers bleed.

Write about all the details of your life

that make you you.

What kind of cigarettes you smoke,

why you quit smoking,

how you never started.

Don’t worry about the snow.

Forget it’s silent fall.

Forget the hush of winter.

Write about your exes.

All of them.

Write about your morning commute,

what Spain looked like through your eyes,

Remember what your favorite meal tastes like.

Squeeze out every last opinion.

How you really feel about your in-laws.

What you think of privatization.

Where have you been, where are you going, and why?

Talk about your groceries,

and your least favorite weekend chores.

Do this every day.

Lay the self to rest

after you’ve satisfied

the desire to be seen.

To be heard.

Some days it will take a long time.

After a while,

it might not take so long.

Do it anyway.

Then walk away from your desk.

Get a glass of orange juice.

Or water,

or beer.

Maybe make a pot of tea.

Look out the window.

Open it.

Is it still snowing?

What does that sound like?

What is the lifespan

of a snowflake on a thumb?


When you are ready,

sit back down at your desk.

You will need a blank page.

Think of nothing in particular.


Begin to write.



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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5 Responses to Writing Tips

  1. kolembo says:

    Oooooo! I liked this one so much! Best I’ve read all week! It went straight in me, easy, knife into butter? Hell, already on toast! Fantastic, thank you.

    Infact, I’m bookmarking this!

  2. Alex says:

    i don’t write and hardly ever read poetry, but even as someone so un-literary-cultured – i thought this was excellent!

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