30 in 30 the end of red and the beginning of 23

November was a big month;

3 to 4 poetry slams and readings a week ,

“The Slip” writing group every Friday,

30 poems in 30 days,

red lipstick every damn day,

helping my favorite neighbor

who is an AMAZING poet named

Thomas Fucaloro

move to Staten Island,

and then waking up December 1st

to work at the same restaurant I’ve been

at for over four years now.

After work was a work party

for The Basics online magazine

that I work for as a photojournalist.

And now I’m home.

Full of mojito and celebratory churros,

and in an hour and a half

the year that I have spent growing will

be recognized with a birthday.

Another year older and before I know it

I’ll stumble into Christmas,

into the new year,

but right now, it’s just

the end of November,

just the end of a big red month.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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