Welcome to New York Jimmy!

Hi Jimmy,

I started writing this list for you yesterday at work.  I was waiting tables and scribbling cheap and free NYC favorites on receipt papers.  I planned on emailing it just to you, but decided the list was too good not to share.  So you’ve made it onto the blog.  Here you have it.


Ride a bike, especially on the west side bike path which runs the length of the island.  BEST EVER. Stop and smell the roses at the 91st street garden.

Brooklyn Bridge.  4,5,or 6 to City Hall. Look at it, walk it, and wake up super early to catch the most wicked sunrise ever. walk across and you’ll be in…

DUMBO.  Awesome graffiti, art, and places to walk around near the bridge.

Staten Island Ferry.  4,5 to Bowling Green. 1 to South Ferry (takes you inside terminal) or R to Whitehall. Look for the Edna St. Vincent Millay quote written on the walls.  You can ride back and forth all night. (poem is called “recuerdo”) http://theotherpages.org/poems/millay02.html

Pier 54 on 13th street.  It’s abandoned, and my favorite.  Climb the fence and sit on the edge.  It’s perfect.

Pearl Paint 308 Canal street It’s a HUGE paint supply store.  Free to browse, but better to get stuff cause it’s so good.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  There’s a playground for grownups there, among other wonders. F or G train to Prospect.

Yoga to the People 12 St. Mark’s place.  6 train to Astor Place, or R or W to 8th street.  Donations only, and they have a schedule online http://www.yogatothepeople.com/directions-east.shtml

St. John the Divine Cathedral.  This place is awe inspiring.  From the outside garden with wild statue to the poet’s corner, huge sanctuary, a copy of the magna carta, and BRILLIANT ARCHITECTURE.  Take the 1 train to 110th street.  It’s on Amsterdam Ave between 111 and 110th street.  It’s usually quiet, free to walk around, and they give tours if you want that too.  Best cafe is across the street (see cheap).


Across from St. John the Divine is the Hungarian Pastry Shop.  Bottomless coffee in the best cafe ever.  Get a croissant.  They make them fresh daily.

Grey Dog Cafe in Chelsea.  There are a few, this one’s my favorite.  1 to 14th street or A,C,E to 14th.  16th street btw 7 and 8th ave.

Vanessa’s Dumplings. Eldridge Street btw Grand and Broome.  (B, D to Grand Street) Best dumplings in NY for $1, also, great other dishes for SUPER CHEAP.

2 Bros pizza $1 slice 32 St. Marks btw 2nd and 3rd Ave. 6 to astor place.

Mamoun’s Falafel Stupid cheap amazing falafel, kebab, and lentil soup.  Like between $2 and $4.  119 Macdougal  and 22 St. Mark’s Place. 6 to astor place for st. marks, or b,d,f,v,a,c,e to w 4th street for mcdougal.

There is more, but that should keep you busy for awhile.  Have fun and welcome to New York!



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