Creating Space

I’m home.  My bed behind me, my desk before me,  I am in a place where my lentils are in the cupboard, my postcards are on the wall.  And I am overflowing with ideas and pictures that I took back from England. From Scotland. From Ireland.

Inspired knowing scottish writer Robert Lois Stevenson wrote Jekyll and Hyde in one week.  Challenged by creative writing practices we did in Ireland, bent over old wooden tables, scrawling furiously.  I am moved by the creation of so many different mediums pounding out music on paper, on drums, on the ears of God in England.  And I’ve come home with it all.

So this morning marks the first Artist group meeting in New York City.  Come one, come all.  Come if you paint, if you write, if you sing, if you dance.  Gather around couches and craft boxes and coffee.  Carve out time and create.  There is an abundance of inspiration and material waiting to be used up.  We are just human waiting to be used up, why not by beauty?  Why not carve out the time and see what is being made out side of yourself.

I don’t even have time to finish this.  I’ve got to get dressed, grab my sketch pad, my journal, my watercolours, my books and head.  But know that it is happening.  Today, new things will be made.



About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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