I’m settling back into my skin.  Slowing down this morning for one.  And thinking about making a pot of chai.  And thinking about how I’m flying out of New York on Sunday. About how I’m going to England and Ireland and Scotland and how beautiful it will be and how I will miss my bed and my floors and my mornings.  About how I have  a hard time settling into my skin sometimes.  About my skin sometimes.  About what my feet feel like and why I move without thinking sometimes.  I am often unmoved moving.  Thinking about eternity and yesterday and changing direction is easy like butter in a warming pan.  All this to say what?  All anything to say what?  What are three things that are important to you?  Don’t ask if they are the most important things or if they have to make sense to anyone else.  Just answer the damn question.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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