Some of my favorite poems

Acquainted With the Night -Robert Frost

Sonnet XVII- Pablo Neruda

Daddy- Sylvia Plath

A Confession- Czeslaw Milosz

i like my body when it is with your- e.e. cummings

The Lovesong of Alfred J. Prufrock- T.S. Eliot

Alone with Anybody- Charles Bukowski

Batter My Heart- John Donne

Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why)- Nikki Giovanni

Theme for English B- Langston Hughes

Howl- Allen Ginsberg

She Walks in Beauty- Lord Byron

The Author to Her Book- Anne Bradstreet

Because I Would Not Stop for Death- Emily Dickinson

This is Just to Say- William Carlos Williams


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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2 Responses to Some of my favorite poems

  1. Alyssa says:

    What a list! “Batter my Heart” and “She Walks in Beauty” are two of my favorites too.

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