Translucence for creation’s sake

How do I push through myself?  I am not blocked.  I am only too full of ideas and questions and memories and hopes to get anything linear out of my fingers.  I’ve got the road on the back of my eyelids and canyons in my daydreams.  If I stare off it is into the woods and all I see is green.  I can hear tires on mountain shale and the guys that were talking to me on the subway before I came out here to Texas.  Now is Texas and I’m trying to take more in, but I’ve got to put all of this other stuff somewhere.  I’m carving out time to write and memorize my stuff and read and I’ve got a slam to perform at tonight.  God is in the back drop of this and all things.  Gently reminding me of colour, slow, and beauty. All in silence.  The pushing through might just be learning a new way of receiving and reflecting.  Translucence. Experience, ideas, and human interaction broken apart and dispersed by light.  Let go of and more visible than before.  It sounds strange, but it makes sense to me.  I don’t need to push through myself, or a block, or anything.  Instead I’ll break it apart with light and watch it create beams of colour and shapes that can be seen and felt and known, but never held on to.


About amyleighcutler

Writer, dancer, vagabond extraordinaire
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